Transform your level of service with advanced, fast, and professional solutions that enable seamless banking and KYC processes at customers’ homes and offices.

A New Digital Paradigm

With 80 percent of banking customers preferring to perform routine banking transactions on computers, smartphones, and tablets (McKinsey 2017), they are growing accustomed to a greater range of banking services and higher accessibility. 

The challenge in digital banking is the physical customer touchpoint, where the customer receives their card and accompanying information. If not executed properly, it can lead to a poor banking experience and potentially lose the customer. The touchpoint needs to be as seamless as every step before and after. This requires a fleet of well trained delivery specialists with the right technology to authenticate identity and maintain KYC, and hand-deliver to clients, bringing the bank to their door.

Lyve enables Seamless Banking

Let us help you succeed in bringing banking to your customers’ homes and offices by providing expert capacity and customer excellence while reducing operational risk and delivery times. Lyve logistics and technology solutions are built for handling workflows around banking and sensitive data.

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Better Experience

Stand out with solutions that are as  fast, friendly, and professional as your bank offering.

All Around Secure

Deliver sensitive documents and fulfil authentication processes with complete peace of mind.

Tailor Made

Select from ready to use solutions or build your hybrid delivery model that fits your specific requirements best.

Align Costs with Use

Eliminate over-provisioning with Lyve’s intelligent logistics infrastructure and flexible capacity.


Lyve Logistics

Our enterprise-grade solutions power banking operations with a mix of Dedicated, On-Demand, Same-Day and Next-Day options available. Select one or combine several to meet your business and customer needs.


Tailor-made to meet your logistics and fleet requirements.


Instant access to logistics services and scale your capabilities.

Same Day

Wow your customers with industry-leading speed.

Next Day

Scheduled deliveries with time slot management.

Lyve Technology

Our as-a-service offerings deliver logistics infrastructure management, location intelligence, and fleet automation and customization to help you successfully execute and scale your banking operations.


End-to-end cloud platform for logistics success.


The next level of location intelligence.


Digital and customizable clothing and delivery boxes.
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