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Lyve Technology is Lyve’s portfolio of innovations and cloud services that drive the future of last mile delivery, digital advertising, and workforce management.

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Introducing Lyve Technology

Founded in 2016 as a technology division supporting Lyve logistic operations, Lyve Technology has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of digital logistics, workforce management, and digital advertising. Lyve connects businesses to a cloud platform, enabling smooth, seamless and scalable operations. Lyve Technology is at the core of Lyve’s vision to go beyond delivery and help businesses deliver delight to customers through end-to-end technology products.

Today, Lyve Technology powers the operations of some of the biggest companies in the world by increasing their capacity and improving efficiency. Lyve Technology products draw on the vast experience we have across a number of verticals with tens of thousands of interactions and transactions per day for companies regionally and globally.

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Supercharge Your Operations with Lyve Technology

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Supercharge Your Operations with Lyve Technology

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Product Portfolio

Lyve Technology Products

Lyve Technology enables you to meet the demand of the market and of your customers with high efficiency. Each one of the products in our portfolio is designed to power the future of work, from last mile delivery to digital branding and workforce management.


End-to-end cloud platform for logistics success.


The next level of workforce management.


Securely access, read, sort, shred your mail in the cloud.


Digital and customizable clothing and delivery boxes.

The new normal has led to a major transition towards the delivery of products and services across virtually every industry. The world is going on-demand, with rising volume and customer expectations creating a challenge for companies to scale their operations. The traditional approach of scaling up and running operations not only run into complexity and costs, they often leave customers underserved.

Lyve Technology allows you to align your operations and your business outcomes in a way that is (almost) revolutionary. All of our digital products and SaaS solutions have been designed from the ground up with a common set of values and targets.

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Who uses Lyve Technology?
  • Multinational Organizations
  • Fleet Operators
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Remote Working Operations
  • Ecommerce Companies
  • Retail Operations
  • Food and Groceries

Create Your Unified Digital Ecosystem

Lyve Technology offers a comprehensive suite of digital products to help you successfully scale your operations. All Lyve Technology products are born in the cloud and integrate seamlessly with each other. Every solution is tailor made to your requirements and setup to meet the needs of your ecosystem.

Unlock Massive Competitive Advantage

By using Lyve Technology products, you can not only meet your SLAs with robust and proven technology solutions, but you can also enhance them. Companies that use Lyve Technology have seen both immediate short-term competitive advantage as well as long-term strategic competitive advantage.

Exceed Customer Demands

The core mission of Lyve Technology is to exceed demands of stakeholders and customers by developing and delivering solutions that make a real and measurable difference in day-to-day operations.

  • Reducing Operational Cost 
  • Enabling Visibility 
  • Providing Actionable Reports & Insights 
  • Automating Processes
  • Optimizing your Fleet Utilization
  • Enhancing Customer Experience
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