Deploy your visual identity and seasonal advertising across your fleet of drivers and riders with Brandware digital clothing and delivery boxes.

Brandware Makes Your Brand Stand Out All The Way.

Brandware is a groundbreaking technology that dynamically and digitally updates the look and feel of your fleet and delivery specialists. The patented technology includes uniforms with digital panels and delivery boxes and backpacks with digital panels. 

The moment a driver receives a dispatch by Lyve, the entire look, from the clothing to the delivery box, will transform to bring your brand all the way to the customer’s door. This makes the entire customer journey more seamless and consistent.

This also opens up new opportunities like seasonal advertising and changing campaigns and visuals with the click or tap of a button.

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Who is it for?
  • Fleet Operations
  • Marketing Teams
  • Tactical Advertising
  • Gig Economy Startups
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Medium to Large Businesses

Digital Ware and Delivery Box

Instant Effect
Fully Customizable
Launch Offers
Brand Consistency
Brandware Fleet Branding

Find Out How You Can Integrate Brandware

The fact that Brandware can magically and digitally transform the visuals on the shirts and delivery boxes opens up new opportunities for customer intimacy and tactical marketing.

If you are carrying multiple brands, you can adjust the brand depending on the order that comes in rather than carrying the overhead of multiple branded uniforms and delivery setups. If you are looking to run special or seasonal promotions, you can carry those out easily as well, turning your fleet into highly visible person to person billboards.

To find out how you can do all of this at the tap of a button, get in touch with our team for a demo of Brandware.

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