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Delivering over a million orders every week, our client figured out that digitizing their delivery operations, monitoring business SLAs, and automatically dispatching orders to drivers is not enough to better utilize their drivers’ capacity and reduce the operational cost. They needed a way to assign multiple orders to the same driver in the same trip without delaying the orders.


Lyve nGage enabled the client to do Order Clubbing. They were able to automatically assign multiple orders from one or more brands to the same driver in a single trip. Our algorithms merge orders automatically based on pre-configured business logic and SLAs, which ensures multiple, yet on-time deliveries.

Lyve nGage team also worked with our client on optimizing their multiple dispatching configuration. We have done several tests on several metrics to reach the maximum driver utilization rate. 


In-Store Time


Drive Time


Speed of Service (SOS)


Automated Dispatching


Using Lyve nGage’s Order Clubbing features, our client managed to further reduce their (In-Store Time) by 39% and their (Drive Time) by 20% leading to 28% increase in their Speed of delivery Service (SoS). After optimizing their order clubbing configuration, the automated dispatching has shown 94% improvement.

Lyve nGage is highly configurable and easy to use delivery management software, designed to help you streamline and optimize the final mile. Its flexibility, variety of configurations and advanced algorithm empowers business to enhance operations while cutting costs.

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