Take your telecom business to the next level with Lyve telecom solutions. Technology-enabled delivery and processing services keep your customers engaged and smiling no matter where they are.

For Telecom Operators, The Future Is Here

In a world of superfast 5G internet and e-SIMs, have you ever asked yourself why customers still need to take time from their busy schedules to travel to a bricks-and-mortar store, pick up a token from the reception desk, sit and patiently wait their turn, in order to pick up their new device or SIM card?

Digitization touches almost every aspect of a telecom operator’s business. The goal is to deliver a fully integrated, seamless experience that is as digital as the technology the customer is using. To do that, telecom operators have to build capabilities to deliver reliably and offer telecom solutions such as locally authenticating  KYC on the customer-side.

Lyve Telecom Solutions are Fast, Flexible, and Friendly

Let us help you succeed in transforming your telecom business by bringing your store and services directly to the customer, along with the same customer experience. Whether you’re delivering the latest phone, a new SIM card, or simply taking care of a customer request, Lyve telecom solutions are ideally suited to your logistics and technology requirements.

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Digitize Services

Bring the telecom store to the customer, seamlessly integrating KYC, payment and handover services.

Speed and Security

Our digital logistics platforms and capacity solutions deliver time-sensitive and data-sensitive products and services every day.

Ensure Brand Consistency

From clothing to interaction, our experienced fleet ensures a customer experience consistent with your brand.

Align Costs with Use

Eliminate over-provisioning with Lyve’s intelligent logistics infrastructure and flexible capacity.


Lyve Logistics

Our enterprise-grade telecom solutions power your operations with a mix of Dedicated, On-Demand, and Scheduled Delivery options available. Select one or combine several to meet your business and customer needs.


Tailor-made to meet your logistics and fleet requirements.


Instant access to logistics services and scale your capabilities.

Scheduled Delivery

Reliable scheduled phone and SIM deliveries.

Lyve Technology

Our as-a-service offerings deliver logistics infrastructure management, location intelligence, and fleet automation and customization to help you successfully execute and scale your telecom operations.


End-to-end cloud platform for logistics success.


The next level of location intelligence.


Digital and customizable clothing and delivery boxes.
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