Manage your personnel effectively and efficiently with WaYnaQ, a SaaS-based platform designed for the age of decentralization.

WaYnaQ – The Next Generation of HR Technology

WaYnaQ is a SaaS-based personnel scheduling solution for a decentralized workforce. With the ability to geofence clock-in and clock-out, the platform enables users to view their schedules, register their attendance, and manage their leave remotely, using only their mobile device.

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Who is it for?
  • Fleet Operators
  • Digital Transformation
  • Human Resources
  • Gig Economy Startups
  • Medium to Large Businesses
  • Double-Sided Platforms
  • Logistics Operations
  • Remote Working Teams
  • In-Field Salesforce
Fast Scheduling

Allocate and monitor resources with ease.


Setup geographic grids and custom triggers.

Mobile Ready

Engage and manage workforce from anywhere.

Cloud Platform

Integrate with other platforms and IoT devices.

Experience The WaYnaQ Dashboard

The dashboard lets you easily track, control, and deploy resources for maximum success.

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