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If you run a restaurant, grocery store, or any type of business that requires on-demand delivery, your business was probably turned upside down during the Covid-19 pandemic. The increase in online sales was unprecedented and has probably put a strain on your delivery process due to the closure of commercial activities during lockdowns. If you are wondering whether this is a steady growth or just a momentary momentum fueled by lockdowns, we are here to tell you that the global online food delivery services market is expected to reach $192.16 billion – from $115.07 billion in 2020. Since F&B online sales is here to stay, it is time for you to equip your business with the right delivery and fleet management technology to deliver meals quicker, keeping customers satisfied amidst the ever-increasing surge of meal ordering.

1- Automated Logistics for Quicker Dispatch

With a high load of orders, manually assigning pick up and deliveries to drivers is not only inconvenient, but it also increases the margin of error and wastes time.

Integrating the last-mile delivery management software with your online ordering platform will automatically find an available driver – taking into consideration their availability, proximity, and other factors in order assign them a delivery. This curbs manual dependencies while significantly increasing speed of dispatch.

2- Optimized Routes for Faster Deliveries

As a business owner, you know how critical on-time deliveries are, not only for customer satisfaction; but also, for the sake of preserving meal temperature. The software helps you execute deliveries much faster by providing drivers with GPS optimized routes, based on traffic conditions, service-level agreements (SLAs), estimated time of arrival, and other criteria.

3- Driver Pooling and Order Clubbing to Increase Utilization

Whether you own a fleet or outsource it from a third-party logistics partner, you want to maximize its utilization. Through the Order Clubbing feature, the software enables you to assign multiple deliveries to a rider, if they have a similar drop off destination route. This saves both delivery time and resources.

If you own or work with several branches within the same area, the software can assign the drivers from one to cover deliveries of the other(s), should they be experiencing a high demand for delivery. This Drivers Pooling feature helps deliveries get dispatched immediately with no delays, while maximizing drivers’ productivity.

Lyve nGage is highly configurable and easy to use delivery management software, designed to help you streamline and optimize the final mile. Its flexibility, variety of configurations and advanced algorithm empowers business to enhance operations while cutting costs.

Click here to learn about Lyve nGage features or request a free demo to find out how nGage can help you optimize operations and increase speed of service and drivers’ utilization rate.

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