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Harness Your
Restaurant’s Full

Run your restaurant on Lyve Restaurant POS & Management and experience the technology and expert assistance. Our all-in-one restaurant management system is designed to fuel your business growth and streamline your operations. With Lyve Restaurant POS & Management, you’ll have everything you need to succeed in one comprehensive suite.

All-in-One Restaurant Management

Leave behind fragmented tools and save time and money. Lyve Restaurant POS & Management offers all the features you need to manage your entire business and more. Say hello to streamlined operations and increased productivity.

Sales Made Easy

Never deal with complicated order taking and selling processes again. Lyve Restaurant POS & Management offers a user-friendly Point of Sale (POS) system that works seamlessly on any hardware. Take orders from guests on their tables or from the comfort of their homes using our digital menu and order taking apps. Integrate it with your delivery platforms for maximum convenience.

Efficient Inventory Management

Stay on top of your inventory and have tighter control over your stocks with Lyve Restaurant POS & Management. Our system allows you to monitor stock levels and generate accurate reports with just a click. Build recipes, manage inventory, and be notified in advance when stocks fall below minimum quantities. Create purchase orders and product expiry.

Streamlined Kitchen Operations

Ensure smooth coordination between your kitchen and service with Lyve Restaurant POS & Management’s Kitchen Display System (KDS). It optimizes kitchen efficiency, ensuring orders are prepared and delivered promptly. Keep your customers informed about the status of their orders with our customer display feature.

Sell More, Manage Costs Efficiently

Lyve Restaurant POS & Management provides tightly integrated tools that will help your restaurant business thrive. Expand your reach and sell through multiple channels, including our handheld Order Taking App and Lyve Order. Integrating it with your social media pages ensures a seamless conversion pathway from marketing to sales. Control costs efficiently with precise product cost management, from procurement to production to sales.

And More…

Lyve Restaurant POS & Management goes beyond the basics. Manage staff attendance, leaves, and payroll seamlessly. Take control of your suppliers and purchasing processes. Our full-featured accounting system enables you to manage finances and generate standard accounting and tax reports instantly.

Order Taking

Lyve Restaurant POS & Management provides multiple options for efficient order taking. Your staff can use the POS or Order Taker to seamlessly process orders. Additionally, guests can view the menu and place orders directly from their smartphones using the QR code scanning system. Lyve Restaurant POS & Management also allows you to accept orders from external parties and food aggregators through integrations. You can even sell through your social media pages using Lyve Order. With Lyve Restaurant POS & Management, you can efficiently manage orders from various channels and streamline your sales process.

Product Catalog

Creating and managing your product catalog is hassle-free with Lyve Restaurant POS & Management. You can create multiple menus and easily switch between them. Set availability for each branch at the product level, allowing you to tailor offerings to different locations. Lyve Restaurant POS & Management supports unlimited categories and products, giving you the flexibility to organize your menu as you prefer. You can define products that are made-to-order or produced in batches, and even create nested product recipes to specify ingredients for finished and semi-finished products. Lyve Restaurant POS & Management empowers you to have granular control over your product catalog.

Kitchen Management

Efficiently managing your kitchen operations is crucial for a smooth dining experience, and Lyve Restaurant POS & Management provides the tools to streamline this process. You can define the preparation time for each product and calculate estimated completion times to ensure timely order fulfillment. Increase responsiveness and coordination between the kitchen and service staff with the user-friendly Kitchen Display System (KDS). Lyve Restaurant POS & Management’s KDS utilizes machine learning algorithms to accurately predict preparation times, helping you optimize efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management

Lyve Restaurant POS & Management’s real-time inventory management feature ensures you have full visibility and control over your stock. You can track stock balance and receive automatic updates, allowing you to monitor inventory levels accurately. With batch and expiry date tracking, you can ensure proper rotation and minimize waste. Lyve Restaurant POS & Management supports multiple inventories and inventory transfers, making it easy to manage stock across different locations.

Loyalty Program and Promotion

Lyve Restaurant POS & Management enables you to implement and manage a comprehensive loyalty program for your customers. Registering customers is a simple process and requires only their phone numbers. You can grant loyalty points based on orders, specific items, or order amounts, incentivizing repeat business. Offer discounts on orders, specific items, or the cheapest items using loyalty points, promotion programs, and coupons. Additionally, you can create in-kind rewards in exchange for loyalty points or as part of a promotion. Lyve Restaurant POS & Management’s loyalty management feature allows you to build customer loyalty and drive repeat visits.

The comprehensive suite of tools provided by Lyve Restaurant POS & Management empowers you to streamline your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. Whether it’s efficient order taking, inventory management, kitchen coordination, or implementing a loyalty program, Lyve Restaurant POS & Management has you covered at every step of your restaurant management journey.

the Benefits

Still not convinced? Talk to us and see how it can revolutionize your restaurant business and take it to new heights.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Getting started with Lyve Restaurant POS & Management is a breeze. There’s no need for software setup or special hardware. Within five minutes, you’ll be up and running. Our superior cloud architecture ensures you can access your data and manage your work from anywhere, anytime. Even when there’s no internet connection, our offline availability feature lets you continue working seamlessly.

Built for Speed and Compatibility

Lyve Restaurant POS & Management is designed to save your staff valuable time and increase productivity. Real-time data exchange ensures instant updates across all devices. Barcode support streamlines order taking, logging in, and handling returns. Plus, Lyve Restaurant POS & Management works seamlessly on all common devices and platforms, eliminating the need for special hardware investments.

Support at Your Fingertips

We’re here to help you make the most of Lyve Restaurant POS & Management. Our comprehensive knowledge base provides step-by-step instructions and videos for easy feature utilization. If you need further assistance, our support team is available via email, phone, chat, or on-site visits.

Why Lyve Restaurant POS & Management?

We believe that technology has the power to reshape the landscape of the Food & Beverage industry. Our solutions optimize operations, enhance intelligence, and improve cost management. We help restaurants generate more revenue while reducing expenses, establishing new and better ways of doing business.

Lyve Restaurant POS & Management is designed to save time, increase productivity, and helps you make informed decisions to drive business growth. It is built for speed and compatibility, and offers flexibility and ease-of-use. 

Transform your restaurant with Lyve Restaurant POS & Management today and unlock the potential for growth and success.