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Accelerate and Scale Your Business with Flexible Logistics

Tap into innovative on-demand logistics and last mile delivery solutions designed to help businesses of any size serve customers and scale based on requirements.

On-Demand Delivery and Logistics

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the ability to adapt and scale rapidly is essential for growth and success. Lyve Go on-demand logistics offering empowers businesses with the flexibility and responsiveness needed to meet ever-changing customer expectations.

With an extensive network and advanced technology, we provide access to agile logistics solutions that can be tailored to your industry and adapted to accommodate fluctuating demands. Whether it’s same-day deliveries, urgent shipments, or time-sensitive tasks, Lyve Go on-demand logistics solutions ensure your business remains competitive and ready to seize new opportunities.

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Taking Retail to The Cloud

Online shopping is quickly becoming the way we purchase our daily necessities and treasured possessions. The missing link? Navigating the last-mile dispatch from warehouse to customer, and ensuring your customer is greeted with a friendly face at the door.

With Lyve Go, our extensive network of professional couriers and advanced technology ensure instant access to logistics services that can be scaled up or down to accommodate fluctuating demands. Whether it’s same-day deliveries or urgent shipments, Lyve ensures your customers will remain as delighted at delivery as they did on purchase.

Ship Anything

From clothing to electronics and everything in between, Lyve Go allows you to deliver products to customers how they want.

Reverse Logistics

Delight customers by easily handling refunds and exchanges.


Medicine and Care Delivered To Your Door

Deliver patient care direct to those who need it who need it at the tap or click of a button.

Lyve Go logistics and technology solutions seamlessly integrate in your existing business processes and allow you to operate a full-service delivery model. This means getting medicine to those that need it, when they need it, without the investment or ongoing costs.


Increase touch points and opportunities to engage and serve customers.

Handle with Care

Well-trained fleet who can deliver over-the-counter and prescription medication home.

Credit Card

Making Digital Banking Physical

With the rise of digital banking, success lies in perfecting a critical physical touchpoint – delivering physical cards to customers. Transform your level of service with advanced, fast, and professional solutions that enable seamless banking and KYC processes at customers’ homes and offices.

Lyve Go credit card delivery ensures an end-to-end digital banking experience. Leveraging our expert fleet of delivery specialists and state-of-the-art technology, we authenticate identity, maintain KYC, and hand-deliver cards directly to clients, effectively bringing the bank to their doorstep.

End-to-End Experience

Perfect the critical physical touchpoint, ensuring a smooth end-to-end experience. 


A fleet equipped to authenticate identity, maintain KYC, and hand-deliver cards to clients.

About Lyve Go

A complete set of logistics technology and operational solutions.

Now or Scheduled

Lyve Go offers a wide range of on-demand and dedicated logistics solutions for ecommerce. This includes same-day, next-day, and scheduled deliveries.

Total Flexibility

Using Lyve Go for ecommerce means you decide how you want to deliver, how you want to get paid, and how you want to handle returns. We provide forward and logistics solutions needed for you to succeed. You can also track and manage every order with Lyve Manage.


Seamless Integration

Open architecture and Lyve Go APIs allow for easy integration with existing workflows, increasing operational efficiency and reducing overhead.

Expert Support

Tap into the experience of over 500 million orders delivered with a customer support team available to help you and your customers. Our last mile delivery and technology experts are ready.

Technology Solutions

Digitize Your Logistics

By managing the entire return journey with cutting-edge technology, Lyve enables businesses to reduce costs, focus on core offerings, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, ultimately driving sustainable growth and an improved brand reputation.

All-In-One Order Management

One cloud-based platform to generate and manage orders for any size business.

Delivery Management

End-to-end cloud platform for logistics success.

Workforce Management

Effectively manage the workforce across your business.

The Features You Need

  • Wide Range of Delivery Solutions
  • Secure and Reliable Service
  • Streamlined Cloud-Based Logistics Management
  • Full Visibility and Real-Time Tracking
  • AI Powered Route Optimizations and Insights
  • Competitive Rates for All Types of Deliveries
  • Customizable to Specific Industries and Needs
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • User-Friendly Platform with Easy Navigation
  • Fully Localized Services with Language and Payment