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Delivery Management Made Simple

Gain full control over your delivery operations with our easy to use cloud-based delivery management software. Fast and accurate deliveries in just a few clicks.


Digitize Your Operations

Our delivery management system is an online one-stop system that will streamline your last mile delivery operations, utilize fleet, reduce cost, and deliver the best customer experience.

Intelligent Deployment

Nearest available people are dispatched in real-time.

Cloud-Based Management

Manage your teams through a powerful dashboard.

Technology That Works

Optimize people to orchestrate a seamless customer experience.

Advanced Scheduling

Real-time visibility and control of personnel.

500+ Million










Everything you need from a delivery management system.

Real Time Tracking

Track your drivers in real-time on a map interface, enabling your operations team to know where your drivers are at all times. Track an entire order journey online, with time stamps signaling when the order is created, to when it is successfully delivered – all on one platform.

Dynamic Routing

Plan and optimize routes calculated from traffic conditions, order types, drivers’ capacity, Service Level Agreements (SLA), Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), and other criteria.

Customer Engagement

Allow your customers to track orders online in real-time and communicate with drivers directly. Keep your customers engaged using automated SMS alerts, making them part of the delivery experience.

Automated Dispatch

Avoid manual order assignments and let our delivery management system assign orders automatically based on drivers’ capacity, workload, employment type, vehicle type, payment type, driver rating, and other criteria.

Pooling & Clubbing

Optimize fleet utilization by sharing a pool of drivers among multiple stores. Assign multiple pickups and multiple drop-offs with the same driver along the same trip, all while complying with your delivery SLAs.

SLA Monitoring

Use our advanced reporting tools and heatmaps to analyze and visualize the performance of your orders, stores, drivers, and delivery areas. Monitor your SLAs in real-time and view SLA failure alerts for any SLA, team or store.

Who can use our delivery management software?


Dispatchers can manage orders, assign orders to drivers manually, track the time stamp of all actions – from order creation to delivery – and view driver notes from the order grid. Our logistics delivery management software allows dispatchers to have a holistic view of all SLAs, orders status, drivers status, ETA and map locations using our advanced Map TV.

Operations Managers

Operations managers can monitor the performance of all stores, drivers, orders, and delivery areas from on our delivery management system’s dashboard . They can plan delivery capacities based on order density in different areas. Managers monitoring their SLAs in real-time can optimize their team’s activity as quickly as possible – making the best system for SLAs compliance.

Cashiers & Accountants

Cashiers and supervisors can collect cash from their drivers against COD orders. Our delivery management software allows them to configure alerts for excess cash in hand. Accountants can enable and monitor bank deposits and cash transfers between cash centers.


Drivers love our easy to use and intuitive delivery management system’s mobile app. They can easily find customer info and order details and navigate the pickup and delivery routes. Drivers cannot miss any order since our app pushes tasks notifications for incoming orders that must be acknowledged and accepted by drivers in order to proceed. The delivery management software’s app can be easily configured to provide several electronic proof of pickup and delivery such as QR scan, signature, images, etc. The app is enriched with extra features like drivers wallet, in-app messaging and others.


Customers are always looking for convenient ways to stay updated with the status of their orders. Our platform is designed with end customers in mind. It is highly customized to keep customers updated throughout their order delivery journey. Our logistics delivery management software allows driver tracking, communications, rating, and feedback features designed to keep customers engaged and to ensure and monitor their satisfaction – from order to payment and delivery.

Lyve offerings have positively enhanced our business. The dedicated team’s responsiveness and flexibility towards our requirements makes Lyve a trustworthy and valuable partner.

BloomingBox Team

We have been working closely with Lyve, for quite some time now and we are overall very satisfied. Managing our fleet has become seamless and efficient which has enabled us to scale our business. Orders are being delivered fast and we can easily keep track of all packages and drivers’ activities. Customer satisfaction has increased significantly and we envision more success in the next quarter.

Mumzworld Team

Since we have partnered up with Lyve, we have seen a major improvement in fleet management. The team is extremely professional and supportive and always available to help in the times of need. As we have an integration in place all the scattered last-mile elements have now come together into one methodical and user-friendly software.

Ioanna AngelidakiCMO & Co-founder | Instashop

We have been a partner of Lyve for over two years now, and have seen them grow manifold in this time, becoming one of the frontrunners in the last mile space in the Middle East. The readiness of their tech, systems, and operations coupled with a very supportive team has helped Zomato to scale its logistics business smoothly in the UAE.

Prakhar MishraBusiness Head - Logistics | Zomato