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Manage Your People
Anywhere, Anytime

Manage and increase your remote workforce’s productivity with our cloud-based platform.


Intelligent Workforce Management

Lyve’s workforce management system is a next-generation platform designed for a remote workforce, providing total visibility and granular control from anywhere and at any time.

Intelligent Deployment

Nearest available people are dispatched in real-time.

Cloud-Based Management

Manage your teams through a powerful dashboard.

Technology That Works

Optimize people to orchestrate a seamless customer experience.

Advanced Scheduling

Real-time visibility and control of personnel.

Lyve’s workforce management system provides a powerful dashboard to manage your entire workforce, with the ability to manage schedules and attendance, real-time chats with cohorts and individuals, along with control of employee activity and activation via geofencing.

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Advanced Scheduling

Create, manage and share schedules and timetables of your decentralized workforce.

Increase Engagement

Interact with team members in real-time, or broadcast across teams and even your entire fleet.

Smart Geofencing

Automatic and manual geofencing to control staff activity, working shifts, and time off.

All In The Cloud

Access from anywhere, deliver service anywhere, and reduce costly traditional overhead.

Key Features

Next Generation Management

From managing salespeople, delivery drivers or repair teams, Lyve’s workforce management system provides total visibility and granular control from anywhere, and at any time.

Lyve’s workforce management system helps you build competitive advantage and succeed in your operations by improving operations and increasing agility while reducing overhead and costs. The best part, however, is that it can easily integrate with your existing workflows.

  • Intelligent deployment and scaling
  • Cloud-based remote workforce management
  • Improved workforce engagement and agility
  • Real-time visibility of personnel
  • AI-powered analytics
  • Advanced scheduling features
  • Geofencing for fleet and team control
  • Advanced analytics and workforce insights

The Mobile App

The mobile app enables engagement and delivers prescriptive actions for your team.

Status updates, pickup and dropoff locations, and other messages are all delivered on an easy to understand, mobile interface.

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The accelerating pace of change makes it critical for businesses to adapt and respond. Lyve enables businesses to stay on top of their game with an optimized and quick-to-respond workforce powered by the right digital tools to succeed.




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