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Lyve Talks is a podcast providing the latest trends and insights on topics related to digital transformation, e-commerce, logistics, and more.

Every month a new episode educates and informs listeners about the MENA region’s market and trends. The podcast features lively discussions between the host, Karim Bakhache, and industry experts, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and innovators.

With the rapidly evolving world of technology and business, it has become crucial for individuals and businesses to stay updated with the latest developments in their industry. Lyve Talks helps to bridge this gap by providing a platform for professionals to share their expertise and knowledge on relevant topics, making it easier for listeners to stay informed and adapt to changing market conditions.

Latest Episodes

Lyve Talks Episode 18: Harnessing Content & Communication in an Evolving Retail Environment

With Natasha Hatherall
CEO & Founder of TishTash Communications

Episode 12: Implementation and Implications of Drone Delivery Deployment

With Dr. Malick M. Ndiaye
Professor of Industrial Engineering at American University of Sharjah

Episode 11: The Evolution and Impact of Digitization on the F&B Industry

With Costas Papadopoulos
Deputy GM of PHC Franchised Restaurants Public Ltd.

Episode 10: Funding Ecosystem: Early Stages of Venture Capital

With Walid Mansour
Co-Founder and Co-CEO of MEVP

Episode 9: Scaling up Your Tech Business: The Dos and Don’ts

With Omar Halabieh
Head of Technology of Amazon Payment Services

Episode 8: From Startup to IPO in Abu Dhabi

With Markus Thomas
Head of Investments of Abu Dhabi IPO

Episode 6: The Power of Branding

With Nina Seredai-Udalova
Founder and Managing Director of Ninth Space

Episode 2: Lyve Acquires Majority Stake in Jeebly

With Raman Pathak
CEO and Co-Founder of Jeebly

Episode 1: How to Plan Inorganic Growth Successfully

With Nader Museitif
Chief Investment Officer of Lyve

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