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#LyveTalks episode 15 is out! 🎙

This episode explores a profound conversation between Zubair Abdul Rahman, founder and CEO of FreshNow and our host, Karim Bakhache. Zubair initiated FreshNow in 2016 alongside his brothers, displaying entrepreneurial prowess rooted in his upbringing within a business-oriented family. Having a keen eye for opportunities that enhance convenience for people, he is at the helm of FreshNow, working towards establishing a unique space for the brand, catering to over 1500 customers daily across 69 locations.

From the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT to the scope presented amidst the latest technology trends, Karim and Zubair engage in an interesting dialogue on the evolution of vending machines. A deeper look at the advancement of smart machines paints a clear picture on how various industries have adapted to the customer demand. They go over the challenges that smart vending machines present, concluding the discussion with what the future holds across different parts of the world.

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