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Lyve Go Delivery and Logistics Solutions

Experience the ultimate fusion of cutting-edge technology, efficient logistics, and exceptional customer service through Lyve Go scalable delivery solutions. Optimize operations, elevate customer satisfaction, and drive sustainable growth, all while minimizing costs and maximizing performance.

Lyve Go offers a full suite of ecommerce delivery and fulfillment, cross-border delivery, forward and reverse logistics, and on-demand solutions.

Lyve Go Features

A complete set of logistics technology and operational solutions.

Now or Scheduled

Lyve Go offers a wide range of on-demand and dedicated logistics solutions for ecommerce. This includes same-day, next-day, and scheduled deliveries.

Total Flexibility

Using Lyve Go for ecommerce means you decide how you want to deliver, how you want to get paid, and how you want to handle returns. We provide forward and logistics solutions needed for you to succeed. You can also track and manage every order with Lyve Manage.

Seamless Integration

Open architecture and Lyve Go APIs allow for easy integration with existing workflows, increasing operational efficiency and reducing overhead.

Expert Support

Tap into the experience of over 500 million orders delivered with a customer support team available to help you and your customers. Our last mile delivery and technology experts are ready.

The Lyve Ecosystem

The Lyve ecosystem includes brands and products owned by Lyve that provide specific services depending on the region and type of service.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

In the UAE, Lyve offers last mile delivery operations with Jeebly’s fast mile logistics.

With a range of omni-channel delivery solutions, Jeebly can support a range of services including same-day and next-day delivery, reverse logistics, order fulfillment, and cross-border logistics. All of this across diverse industries, powered by AI-driven technology, efficiency, and innovation.

Shop Anywhere, Ship Anywhere

The latest in Lyve’s portfolio of global logistics solutions, Shopini enables you to shop in the US and UK, and receive deliveries anywhere in the world at competitive rates.

Customers get access to a rich network of warehouses and logistics solutions, Customers can purchase items from anywhere in the world and ship them to a local address, where they can be consolidated with other items and reshipped to their location anywhere in the world, minimizing costly global shipping fees.