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Delivery Solutions

Real-Time Tracking and Dynamic Routing

Lyve Manage provides real-time tracking of drivers on a map interface, allowing operations teams to have constant visibility over their fleet. Additionally, dynamic routing optimizes routes based on traffic conditions, order types, driver capacity, SLAs, and other criteria, ensuring efficient deliveries and reducing costs.

Advanced Scheduling

Lyve Manage enables businesses to create, manage, and share schedules for their decentralized workforce. This feature simplifies resource allocation, ensuring that teams are optimally staffed and that employees have clear visibility into their schedules.

Smart Geofencing

Lyve Manage offers intelligent geofencing to control staff activity, working shifts, and time off. This feature helps businesses maintain accurate records of employees’ work hours and locations, ensuring compliance with labor regulations and promoting accountability.

For Workforce

Empower Decentralized Workforce Management

Lyve Manage for workforce management boosts productivity and efficiency for remote teams with advanced scheduling, increased engagement, and smart geofencing. Accessible from anywhere, this cloud-based platform offers real-time visibility and control, enabling businesses to adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic hybrid work environment.

Workforce Management

For Delivery

Streamline Your Last Mile Delivery Operations

Lyve Manage for delivery management optimizes last-mile delivery operations, enhancing fleet utilization, reducing costs, and improving customer experience. With features like real-time tracking, dynamic routing, customer engagement, automated dispatch, and advanced analytics, businesses can ensure efficient and effective deliveries across various industries.

Delivery Management

Frequently asked questions

How can Lyve help me online?

The current market is heavily dependent on a commission-based and discount-led transactions that compromise brand value. The only long-term solution is an online ordering partner that does not eat into a brand’s data or profits. Lyve offers you three major benefits:

  1. Online Ordering Ecosystem
  2. Absolute control over brand and data.
  3. Commission-free orders with no scaling cost.

Are there hidden fees?

Lyve Order is straightforward, and there are no other commissions or hidden charges. The payment and 3PL charges will be communicated to you beforehand depending upon your region and choice of partner.

Will Lyve Order work with my existing site?

Lyve Order is the ideal conversion tool for your website. To minimize the drop-off rate, the Lyve widget appears as a pop-up on the right side of your website. The easy 2-page customer journey is not just short but also convenient.