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Episode 13 of #LyveTalks is out! 🎙️

In this episode, Karim has an insightful conversation with our guest Leo Dovbenko – a serial entrepreneur, angel investor with 15 years in FoodTech, Retail, and Horeca, and founder of Yallahub and Yallamarket. He has spearheaded 15 successful projects and 3 start-ups in the UAE.

Karim and Leo give a glimpse into the rapidly transforming world of quick commerce. They discuss the points to consider when starting a quick commerce business and how this industry comes laid out with several trials and tribulations such as its capital intensive nature as well as stock warehousing. The conversation digs deeper to uncover the market demand for quick commerce, the involvement of centralized hubs for fulfillment, associated investments and growth-hacking strategies for online businesses.

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