Arabic Restaurant Adds New Revenue Stream with Lyve Order

Learn how a popular Arabic food restaurant significantly increased online orders with 400 extra order per month and direct engagement of customers.

“Integrating Lyve has increased direct ordering and drastically improved customers’ dine-in and order pick up experience. We also get to know our customers better, increase brand loyalty, consolidate payments, and increase profits through digitization, without needing to hire additional staff.”

– Local Manager

A popular Arabic food restaurant faced challenges in increasing their online orders due to tough competition from aggregators. Despite being an established brand with buzzing outlets, their online sales numbers remained stagnant. Seeking a solution, they approached Lyve to explore ways to enhance their online sales while effectively promoting their brand.


  • Inability to retarget one-time customers and turn them into repeat ones due to lack of access to their customer data.
  • Hefty commissions to the aggregator apps, losing profits.
  • Very low direct sales.
  • Inability to create separate menus for dine-in, pick-up and delivery.
  • Inability to streamline and speed-up ordering at the outlet during peak hours.
  • Inability to consolidate all customer data to analyze and utilize it properly.


We have integrated Lyve’s order generation solution with the brand. We set up a user-friendly, customized ordering system that was integrated with their website and social media platform. This helped the restaurant with:

  • Capturing customer data from social media channels and promotion campaigns
  • Directing customers to the brand’s menu page, allowing them to browse the menu, place order and choose the pick-up or delivery options thanks to the real-time updates feature.
  • Allowing dine-in customers to use the QR functionality to place their orders and/or pay online.
  • Consolidating cash collection through a payment link facility generated through Lyve’s order generation solution and shared with customers, vendors, or any other suppliers to pay through. The payment can be made via card or an online banking facility.


Integrating Lyve Order had a significant impact on the restaurant brand, resulting in a revenue increase of 400 monthly orders through direct online ordering. Direct orders through the website widget also rose by 50%. The QR code option enabled 200 dine-in orders, even accommodating customers in parked cars when the venue was full. A payment link facility consolidated over 150 monthly payments.


Extra orders per month


Of all direct orders through website widget


Payments monthly through payment link facility