Fast Growing Digital Restaurant

An all-American restaurant chain with a local presence sought to connect more directly with its customers and increase its share of the revenues from traditional aggregators. Over the past year, it has achieved this on both fronts with Lyve Order

“TGI Fridays has successfully engaged audiences with direct ordering and effective marketing.”

Exponential Increase in Revenues

The steadily increasing number of fast food and bistro delivery options across the Middle East has created a crowded, competitive space. With Lyve Order  TGI Fridays was able to leverage its network of prime locations to serve customers with high quality and tasty food. From the moment the brand went live on the Lyve Order platform, orders started coming in with thousands of unique customers. A closer look at the data showed that the conversion rate has been holding steady at 4.2%, which is above industry average.

As the brand continues to serve customers on their website and social channels, it is increasingly saving on commissions from traditional delivery aggregators while building stronger relationships with its customer base, which is evidenced in the 10% repeat purchases.


Direct Delivery


Direct Revenue


Commission Saved