Fast Food Giant Achieves Delivery Efficiency Exceeding 90%

Leading QSR chain improves its delivery performance and customer satisfaction through the utilization of Lyve Control Tower.

A leading QSR chain encountered challenges with system non-compliance impacting driver adoption and rider assignments, along with high operational costs attributed to external dependencies.

The client sought Lyve’s expertise to address the inefficiencies in its delivery operation. After analyzing operational data, Lyve recommended implementing Lyve Control Tower. By leveraging our advanced technology, the client transformed its delivery operations, boosting customer satisfaction, and positioning itself for continued market success.

The Challenges:

Our client faced several challenges in managing their delivery operations:

  1. High Cost of Operations: The client faced high operational expenses as they heavily relied on aggregators for orders and deliveries. The hefty commissions charged by the aggregators significantly inflated the cost per order, rendering it unprofitable.
  2. Non-Compliance with Industry Standards: The client faced difficulties with their store dispatchers who were not utilizing their existing system in compliance with the standards. Unstructured order assignment and manual operation of the system impeded optimal fleet utilization.
  3. Real-time Visibility Issues: Lack of real-time tracking and monitoring of drivers and routes impacted timely communication and updates, affecting delivery times and user experience. 

The Solution:

After in depth analysis of operational data, we recommended implementing Lyve Control Tower to enhance operational efficiency proactively for our client. Our approach involved:

  • Full transition during the Discovery phase of all stores to Lyve’s Control Tower, managing all tasks from rider assignment to delivery.
  • Streamlining the entire delivery process, with cost-saving estimates indicating a minimum 50% reduction in delivery expenses.
  • Continuous monitoring and proactive support to promptly identify and address issues in real-time, following predefined metrics to ensure optimal fleet utilization and seamless operational efficiency. 
  • Reduced operational cost by planning innovative strategies with recommendations such as increasing rider allocation, analyzing cost implications, and decreasing reliance on third-party services.
  • Employing advanced data analytics with BI dashboards to identify gaps and provide actionable insights with real time visibility of live data such as rider scheduling and delivery area allocation for improved delivery performance.

The Results

The adoption of Lyve’s Control Tower resulted in substantial progress in our clients’ operational efficiency. Here are some key impacts observed after before and implementing the Control Tower:


Auto Assignment


Average Service Time Delivery


On-time delivery