Herfy Boosts Delivery Efficiency by 87%

Learn how Herfy improved delivery outcomes by 87% through training and daily reports of driver performance, improving driver adoption and compliance by 46%.

“Lyve’s Delivery Management System has helped streamline our operations, while improving SOS and driver performance. The software and the application are straightforward and easy to use for employees and drivers alike.”

– Mohammad Hussein, IT Director at Herfy KSA

How Herfy Achieved Delivery Efficiency with Driver Training and Daily Reports

Herfy, a fast-food chain in Saudi Arabia, faced challenges with driver adoption and compliance, leading to inefficiencies in their delivery process.

To address this, Herfy turned to Lyve. Following an extensive analysis, Lyve determined that daily driver performance reporting was the key to raising delivery outcomes. Through these efforts, Herfy was able to significantly improve their delivery outcomes and efficiency, ultimately enhancing customer experience.

The Results

Pilot (1 Month) Scale up (8 Months)
Number of Stores 159 stores 182 stores
Orders Created 97,910 + 100% (Peak)
Orders Delivered 42,261 + 87%
SOS 40.02 + 10%
Auto Assignment 40.59% + 12%


Improved delivery outcomes


Orders created in peak month


Increase in drive compliance