Winning The Direct Ordering Game

Learn how a popular fast food chain successfully entered and grew in a new market with a platform covering customer acquisition, order management, and retention.

From a household name in its home country, a QSR brand has made its move in the UAE, avoiding aggregators and harnessing Lyve Order to pursue a direct-sales approach.

The success of Jollibee in the UAE wasn’t by accident.

While the brand was well known to its loyal target segment, the important pre-work of aligning relevant channels and pivoting early on were keys to the brand’s early success in the UAE market. By leveraging a robust platform from customer acquisition, lead conversion and last-mile delivery, the brand was able to outperform market-standard metrics.

From the moment the brand went live on the Lyve Order platform, the brand started showing positive returns almost immediately, with conversion rates of 16.47%. With the brand performing well, Lyve Order boosted CTAs across the customer funnel, increasing customer engagement and loyalty, and boosting repeat purchases to 31.3%.


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