Selling with The Power of Data

An iconic coffee and doughnuts brand aimed to directly translate marketing spend into revenues. Over 12 months, customers across UAE and more recently, Riyadh, have been proving the benefit of direct ordering.

“We’re continuously impressed with Lyve Order. Very agile and responsive partners.”

Exponential Increase in Revenues

By applying a data driven process to their marketing efforts, the brand managed to achieve an exponential increase in revenues with the Lyve Order, becoming one of the brand’s most profitable projects. The conversion reached a peak of 15% and continued at an impressive 8%, well exceeding industry norms of 2-3%. In terms of return on ad spend (RoAS), the brand managed to increase frequency of orders, targeting the brand’s three most-ordered offerings, resulting in a 9x return.

Measurement is management, and with tracking and attribution, a clear picture of every single ad dollar spent was clearly tracked and attributed to a clear sale. This allowed the brand to find a delicate balance between attracting new customers and activating existing customers. Additionally, introductory offers and loyalty discounts maximized engagement and ultimately, revenues.


Direct Delivery


Direct Revenue


Repeat Purchase