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We all know that success is not measured by a single metric like profits or cash-flow alone. You can’t have success without satisfaction, specifically employee satisfaction. This satisfaction manifests itself through low-turnover, engagement, and dedication to the company.

For us, while technology powers our infrastructure and solutions, our employees, riders, and drivers are the backbone of our company and are our most important asset. We call them the “brains behind the technology,” irrespective of their official titles. It takes a talented group of people to achieve what we have achieved so far, and each and everyone’s input impacts the entity.

At Lyve, we seek to maintain a positive work environment to benefit our employees on a professional and personal level. The big question is how?

How do we create and maintain a positive work environment?

  1. Embrace Diversity

Our main office is based in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, populated by an wide range of nationalities. The Lyve team is made up of multiple ethnicities as well as a balanced men-to-women ratio. We ensure the scale does not tip in the favor of a particular nationality, as we always aim for a healthy blend of nationalities.

Diversity in employees means different skills, strengths, and experiences – through which employees can enrich each other. Work hence becomes a place of knowledge exchange, where every employee is both a teacher and student of leadership, creativity, problem-solving skills, strategy, and life experience.

  1. Provide Growth Opportunities

Employees are given career growth opportunities, which motivates and encourages them to be more productive. When their skills, experience, and creativity are valued and rewarded, employees take pleasure in their work and push their limits for success.

Through empowerment, promotions and positive reinforcement by upper management, employees feel appreciated – adopting a positive attitude which inspires their colleagues and creates an overall positive and productive environment.

  1. Focus on Macromanagement

Our employees are independent, and leaders of their own implementation of strategy. Our managers have shown that they are able to lead their teams by delegating. Our employees hence demonstrate remarkable creativity and an ability to solve problems while learning and gaining leadership skills.

  1. Be Flexible In The Face of Change

We respect our employees’ choices to manage their own time, and where they choose to work from. The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has given us insight into employee productivity, showing us that while some prefer to be in office, others work just as effectively from home. We have thus adopted the ‘work from home’ option, not only to protect our employees’ well-being during the pandemic, but also to give employees the freedom to manage their day, trusting they will be even more dedicated to their tasks.

  1. Show People You Care

Our Human Resources department provides employees with all the assets and support they need. It is autonomous and independent in making the right choices for all employees while abiding to company rules. Lyve employees thus feel heard, supported, and have their needs met in each aspect of their work life.

  1. Don’t Forget to Have A Little Fun

At Lyve, we seek to maintain a positive vibe. When recruiting employees, we evaluate their personality as much as we do their skills and experience. We make sure all employees are compatible in values, positivity, excitement, and eagerness. From team lunches to birthdays, pizza-days, religious celebrations, and end of years parties – we look for opportunities to connect and celebrate.