Lyve was founded with a vision to reimagine logistics as an enabler of digital transformation and business innovation.

We power the digital economy with our logistics and technology solutions. From big data to multi-vertical service agents, from instant activation to scalable capacity, what we do continues to go beyond what’s typically considered delivery.

Lyve is about the way we do things and how we approach the world. It’s the cornerstone of our culture and forms the basis of our successful relationships. At Lyve, we believe that an always-on connected world is a better world, and that belief guides everything we do.

History of Lyve

It all started in 2015, in the back corner of a local coffee shop. Hassan Hallas and Walid Moneimne, drinking a cappuccino and an espresso, respectively, were deep in conversation about the state of E-Commerce and F&B delivery. As they pondered what was missing in the ecosystem and why, in a region with so much possibility, it was so difficult to move things from Point A to Point B, the solution presented itself. They assembled 50 drivers and a team of experienced software engineers in a small office, and set out to fill the gap in a fragmented delivery ecosystem.

Meet The Team

The Lyve leadership team is an all-star team of technologists, product developers and big data experts, with strong skills in business development and exponential growth. Each of our members have technical experience and strong management backgrounds, and are seasoned specialists in their fields.

Management Board

Hassan Hallas

CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Walid Moneimne

Chairman, Co-Founder

George Chogovadze

Chief Technology Officer

Nader Museitif

Chief Investment Officer

Krystel Oufi Hodroge

Marketing Director

Michael Angelakis

VP of Finance

Karim Bakhache

VP of Strategy

Ahmed Marie

Managing Director - Logistics

Media Room

PR and Media Contacts

The Lyve Media Room is the source for the latest news and media coverage about Lyve. Read press releases, get high resolution images, boiler plates, and more.

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