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E-Commerce Rise: Leader or Left Behind?

The ecommerce market in the Middle East was worth almost $9 billion in 2019 and is set to grow by a factor of 3.5x to reach $29 billion by 2022 (Bain 2019). With 43% of internet users in the GCC making online purchases at least once a month (Wamda 2019), new players are redefining the retail landscape. Traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses and organizations with limited logistics infrastructure are at the risk of being left behind.

To truly wow customers and build a competitive advantage, businesses have to engage with partners and use tools that create a seamless customer experience from purchase to delivery and offering next-level services from real-time location updates to same-day delivery.

Our enterprise-grade solutions power ecommerce operations of all sizes, with a mix of Dedicated, On-Demand, Same-Day and Next-Day options available. Select one or combine several to meet your business and customer needs.

Lyve is Fast, Flexible, Full-Featured

Let us help you succeed in your e-commerce operations by increasing visibility and speed while reducing overhead and delivery times. Lyve logistics and technology solutions seamlessly integrate in your existing workflows. This unlocks a new level of operational agility and gives you the ability to delight customers.

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Increase Speed

Stand out with fast response times and fast delivery of the products your customers want and need.

Deepen Customer Relationships

Use data to discover unseen trends and insights, in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Maximize Precision

Perfect your supply chain with reliable and automated delivery that minimizes errors and increases fulfillment.

Align Costs with Use

Eliminate over-provisioning with Lyve’s intelligent logistics infrastructure and flexible capacity.


Lyve Logistics


Tailor-made to meet your logistics and fleet requirements.


Instant access to logistics services and scale your capabilities.

Same Day & Next Day

Scheduled deliveries with time slot management.

Cross Borders

Deliver goods from UAE to all your GCC customers every day at competitive rates without custom delays.

Lyve Technology

Our as-a-service offerings deliver logistics infrastructure management, location intelligence, and fleet automation and customization to help you successfully execute and scale your ecommerce operations.


End-to-end cloud platform for logistics success.


The next level of location intelligence.


Digital and customizable clothing and delivery boxes.
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