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With the COVID-19 lockdowns drastically increasing online shopping, consumer behavior has changed, shifting all parameters – with no signs of returning to the status quo.

The increase of demand for delivery has put additional pressure on the last-mile phase, through which emerged new and exciting trends.

E-commerce businesses must now be more agile, invest in smarter technologies and improve customer service – and here are 5 of the trends they need to look out for in 2021.

1- OTIFNENC – On time, In full, No error, No contact

Supply chain specialists use the reference OTIFNENC to describe the last-mile delivery foundational formula: On time, In full, No error, No contact.

With a higher demand for deliveries, e-commerce businesses need to adhere to the OTIFNENC principle to stay ahead of the curve – as a failed delivery is not just one that was not delivered, but one that had not met the customer’s expectations.

‘Convenience’ has now become the key word – and customers no longer want to wait for their delivery. So, in addition to an accurate delivery, a speedy one is a given.

With the COVID-19 cases still on a rise, a contact-less delivery has become the standard. It is not enough for riders to leave the package outside doorsteps – businesses also need to notify customers about delivery completion, without them needing to open the door. To further ensure no-contact delivery, businesses are also replacing card payment and cash with online payment only.

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