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2020 has changed the way the world lives and shops. Customers have now gotten accustomed to online shopping when in need of daily products, from household ones to groceries – and as response, brick-and-mortar stores are jumping aboard the e-commerce train to satisfy customers and ensure their business longevity and growth.

With increase in demand for deliveries, come higher customer expectations. Online shoppers now expect faster deliveries, especially when it comes to daily essentials. This has ushered in the new generation of e-commerce referred to Quick commerce or Q-commerce.

From e-commerce to Q-commerce

While customers are willing to wait a few working days for retail orders, essentials are needed more or less immediately, Hence, q-commerce – which is e-commerce in turbo mode. An online shopper can expect a delivery of 30 minutes or less for small quantities of goods (mostly household products and groceries).

Due to its highly convenient and speedy nature, q-commerce is catching on rapidly across all markets, as a natural evolution of e-commerce – reshaping the future of last-mile delivery.

Why do customers love Q-commerce?

Q-commerce caters to today’s urban and tech-savvy society, with rapidly delivered items in small quantities.

Besides the convenience of shopping form their own home, q-commerce (and e-commerce) products are generally cheaper than store bought ones. Thanks to a wider range of products from different stores, customers can find better prices for their daily needs.

Logistics technology enables route and radius optimization, making deliveries even faster. When keeping the radius to 8 km, all deliveries can be executed on motorcycles instead of larger vehicles, shaving more time off.

The future of Q-commerce

With an increasingly growing market share, q-commerce shows no sign of slowing down as companies have already begun exploring speedier and more convenient delivery methods such as drones and machine learning.

Q-commerce is also opening its doors to new segments – and soon enough, all purchasable products, no matter how big or small, will be delivered in a “Quick” manner.

Is Lyve aboard the Q-commerce train?

We provide our pharmacies, grocery stores, supermarkets, and food platforms clients with the ability to delivery within 30 minutes.

We equip our clients with a strong technology, enabling them to run their last-mile delivery process in a hiccup-free manner. Our large fleet network combined with our nGage software ensures their customers’ ever-increasing demand for delivery is always handled as fast and efficiently as possible.

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