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Things to Keep in Mind

  • Plan the campaign thoroughly before you start.
    • Define your targets, audience, and set a minimum and a maximum number of influencers to engage.
  • Work with different categories of influencers. 
  • Personalize the experience- handwritten notes, personalized packaging, a call, make the experience special for the people who will endorse your brand.
  • Pick a 3-month window to start with
  • Set realistic goals
  • Define your audience

Myths vs Facts

  • Influencer marketing can be tested with less than 20 influencers
  • Influencers with a higher number of followers will work best for your brand
  • One influencer activation will get me orders
  • An influencer will promote a bad product because it’s free.

How to Start:

  • Click here set up an experience on Expin.
  • Enter your product and brand details
  • Specify the kind of influencers you would like to be associated with.
  • Download the Expin app
  • See the details of influencers who want to collaborate with you. Check their past experiences and ratings, audience metrics, approve/reject them.
  • Ordering code is automatically shared with the influencer and stories are posted by the influencer within 48 hours.

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