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CNME Editor Mark Forker spoke to Zeid Abu Ennab, Senior Director of nGage SaaS at Lyve, to find out how the innovative software company has transformed the logistics industry with its last-mile delivery ecosystem, the reasoning behind its decision to rebrand – and what differentiates Lyve from its market competitors.

We all know that in this digital economy, a key component in the success of any company that relies on an application to deliver its services is the ‘experiences’ that it can deliver. How are you leveraging your nGage by Lyve solution to empower companies to deliver their products more effectively and efficiently?

We have created the nGage by Lyve to alleviate the complexity and resource-intensity of the last-mile phase. The software was designed to give clients control over all delivery-related matters by centralising them and streamlining the flow – so clients can provide a speedier and more accurate service while maximizing resources through multiple features

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