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With National Day around the corner, we understand you have much to take care of.

To ensure you make the best use of this long weekend, we have created an easy step by step guide to help you get started. You can also download the handy Lyve Campaign template to plan and manage your campaign on Lyve.

Free Download: Lyve Campaign Template

Step 1
Derive key insights from your previous campaigns and pixel data. 

This will help you define important variables for your National Day campaign. Look out for insights regarding:

Best platforms to advertise.

Campaign objective and conversion event that have delivered good results in the past.

Audience demographic details.

Campaign budget bifurcation across different platforms.

Offers that have delivered well in the past.

Step 2
Make an exclusive National Day Offer.

This promo code can be advertised on multiple organic and paid marketing channels. Make the following checks when making the promo code:

Does this give an exclusive advantage that is available to your customers on direct orders only?

Any rival promotions that are running simultaneously and might confuse the audience?

To create a sense of urgency, the validity of the promotion is restricted to the National Day weekend only.

Step 3
Activate organic channels with National Day content and offers.

Ensure the following activities are ticked for maximum impact:

Post regular content and stories announcing the National Day promotion.

Use relevant hashtags for better reach.

Pin the National Day promotion post/video on top of your Social Media feed.

Step 4
Set up conversion based Social Media ads/Google ads to boost direct orders.

While setting up ads on your social media platforms, do the following checks before you go live:

Ensure that your ads are optimized for conversions.

Use multiple ad sets to target different audience sets.

Ensure a sufficient ad budget for a high impact burst.

Give the ad adequate time to learn and optimize. Start Now!

Avail the Lyve National Day Offer: Get your own online ordering platform free for a month!

Step 5
Utilize brand advocacy to amplify the impact of your campaign.

While designing an influencer marketing campaign keep in mind the following dos and don’ts for campaign success:

Collaborate with multiple influencers in one go.

Shortlist influencers from different categories for better reach.

Assign individual promo codes to track the effectiveness of the collaboration.

Step 6
Retarget your existing customer database with an SMS campaign.

SMS campaign can be used to boost the reach of an existing marketing campaign. Do the following to maximize the click-through rate:

Add the promo code and ordering link within the SMS.

Personalize it by adding the first name of your customers.

Use a link shortener to leave more space to add text.

Add structure to your campaign with the Lyve Campaign Planning Template. Click the button below to download it for free!

Free Download: Lyve Campaign Planning Template

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