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The customers of today are flooded with choices. But what they are truly seeking is a more wholesome and seamless experience in the digital world. 

In the post-pandemic world, customer experience must be recalibrated with transforming customer expectations. In fact, research reveals dramatic shifts in customer preferences and expectations which boil down to the overall experience they receive from a brand. 

In this day and age, how customers choose to shop has pivoted and brands must now be agile enough to reflect these changing patterns in customer behavior. 

There is a trend amongst consumers who are more inclined towards interacting and transacting with D2C brands. A whopping 88% of consumers prefer to buy directly from a brand! The result of these morphing customer expectations for brands is to stay ahead of the curve. Brands must step up their D2C game; even more so now with customers gravitating towards brands who are going direct. 

It’s no more a secret that the modern-day consumer is more than willing to go the extra mile and buy their favorite products directly from brands. 

For this reason, “It is no longer enough for organizations to sell a product or service they need to win the client’s heart. Consumers are demanding more… they want to be part of something greater than just buying a product or a service.”

Brands must be willing to build close-to-perfect shopping experiences to meet the needs of their customers.  

Embracing the leap 

The need of the hour for brands is to adopt an omnichannel strategy and D2C approach. By not providing your customers a direct channel, you are making it easier for middle men to get in the way and stunting your own brand engagement and loyalty. 

Even though it may seem like the long haul to take the D2C route and actually make it count, there is also enormous scope to improve your brand’s standing by disrupting the status quo and delivering on the expectations, values and experiences that the modern shopper desires. 

It so happens that customer loyalty is synonymous with the experience that you stitch for your customers. Going direct to your consumers is a sure shot way of being in control of your brand message and consumer engagement. 

D2C channels become an ideal platform for brands to articulate their values in driving higher demand. 

One of the most effective paths to standing out in the crowd is to share what makes your brand unique. Consumers find that when they buy directly from brands, they can make choices that align with their personal values based on the brand’s values. 

Another research conducted states that values such as “convenience” and “ease of use” top the list of benefits that a D2C brand has, with 94% of customers choosing at least one of these as a reason to opt for a D2C brand.  

With this D2C trend making the headlines, the door of opportunity is wide open for numerous brands out there. But the trick is to create a brand that customers feel connected to.

As a brand who is looking to tap into the D2C movement, you must have a lot of questions on how it all works. The good news, we’ve got you. At Lyve, we have empowered hundreds of brands to take charge of their direct ordering journey and cater to their customers’ expectations. 

Reach out to us today and let’s discuss the best way for your brand to seamlessly transcend the dynamic and ever-changing needs of the modern-day consumer.

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